Kindness Matters

DSC_8716This past week I binge watched a documentary segment called the Kindness Diaries. This was one of the best documentaries I have ever watched. I highly suggest checking it out for yourself. The short synopsis is a man travels the world on relaying only on the kindness of others. Once in a while when he meets someone extraordinary he repays that persons kindness with a life changing gift.

This documentary got me thinking how can I incorporate this message of kindness in my own life? What can I give selflessly to others? I began to think about my photography. Wouldn’t it be amazing to travel to some of these poor underprivileged places and tell the stories of these people. While I would love the opportunity to do that some day. I had to bring myself back to reality. Currently it is not within my business financial means and I have two very small children who depend on me and a husband who works crazy hours. Traveling to Africa or India or any other impoverished country is just not in my immediate future. I can only hope that someday I will be in the place to do that but that place just isn’t today.

A few blog posts back I talked about blooming where you are planted. Instead of giving up and saying well I will just wait till my children are older, and my business is flourishing so much that I have the time and money to go on this journey. I thought about what I can do today in the circumstance I am in. What can I do to spread the message kindness matters? After some long deliberation I came up with a plan. A plan to incorporate kindness into my business. I am not sure if many successful CEO’s or companies think about kindness when they are rolling out their business plans, probably not but I don’t want to be like everyone else I want to be me. So here is my kindness matters initiative. Here is me doing my part to spread joy & kindness to other’s in our community and maybe one day eventually the world. I realize that while I think family photos are priceless and invaluable. I realize that if you are struggling to pay your bills, or survive investing in family photos would be out of reach. I believe everyone deserves to preserve their family memories no matter what your situation.  To do my small part in spreading that message of kindness.

I have decided that once a year, I will offer a kindness matters event to our community.  The main reason for this event is to spread the message of kindness to others. Like throwing a rock in a pond and watching the ripple that small rock spreads through the water. Im hoping to bring that to our community.

The price for this event will be set by you, not me. The honor system pay what you can afford. If you can afford to pay more to help pay for someone who can’t thats wonderful. If you can’t afford my normal session fee but would like to have amazing family photos then pay whatever you can. The only thing that I will ask in return that in some small way they pass on an act of kindness to someone else. I hope to inspire others to use their gifts to do good and spread the message of kindness and love. If everyone did one small thing to selflessly help someone else wouldn’t this world be a much better place.


The Laetsch Family Spring Lifestyle Session

This adorable family kicked off my spring lifestyle sessions. The boys had a lot of fun exploring Dover Sydney Trails. This is awesome park/ trail which offers so many beautiful place to take photos. They choose a sunset session. The lighting was absolutely perfect to capture these amazing images. Their neutral outfits complimented the lush green vegetation surrounding them. I enjoyed being able to capture these images for them. Not only are they wonderful clients but also one of my best friends. The love of their family shines through in these memories.




Bloom Where you are Planted

DSC_0411 copy.jpgToday true to my OCD about holidays I headed to the garage and took out all of my spring decor. I also finished planting the rest of my spring flowers. It looks like spring exploded in my house. Let’s get real, I live in Florida and there’s no such thing as spring. As I am hauling all of this floral paraphenial out of their storage cubes.Im wiping the sweat off of my forehead because its 80 degrees. Of course I decided I needed more adorable seasonal decor so I headed to target. On my target run, I came across a saying that resonated with me. Bloom Where You Are Planted. I love how a good portion of my ahh-haa moments happen at target. In the dollar section of target this saying spoke to me.

What exactly does it mean to bloom where you are planted? So many people wait till certain points in their life to pursue their passions. They wait till they have more money, are more financially secure, till their kids are older, when they have more time. People put off being there best self until they are in the best situation. Are you ever truly in a best situation though? Life always comes up and gets in the way. You wait and say to yourself I will start my diet tomorrow, I will wait to pursue my passions till the kids are older. Next year when I can save up more money I will launch my business. Why are we holding out on our best self? The longer we wait the more unobtainable it becomes truly.

Bloom where you are planted. Wherever you are in life. Whatever circumstance you find yourself in. Bloom, flourish, grow exactly where you are now. Grow into the best mom you can be for your kids, or the best wife, the best entrepreneur or whatever your passions are. Do not waste any more time waiting for ideal conditions. Flowers grow in cracks of the concrete, to remind us we too can grow and flourish even when we think our circumstances aren’t perfect.

If we are already flourishing and already growing it is our job to plant a seed in someone else. To encourage and educate someone else so there flower blooms just as big as ours.   Life isn’t a competition but a collaboration. Flourish each other and lets all bloom in our own, less than ideal circumstances. We can always be better versions of ourselves and today starts the journey.


First blog post



We have begun our journey of remodeling our home. We are starting with our master bathroom. There is nothing left of the bathroom besides the wood framing and a lot of dust and debris. In all the mess the one thing we did not demolish was this small window
I woke up this morning slightly overwhelmed and stressed about all the chaos that comes with remodeling. That small light shining through all the mess changed my view this morning.

I thought about how there were many transformations going on all around me, that I didn’t even realize & while messy and dirty how incredibly grateful I am for all the change
Our little house, my hobby now turned into a business, me as a mother, and me just as me, a complicated human are transforming.I am transforming just as much as this little house is. I am transforming into who I was before all the pregnancies and the babies and lack of sleep. Heck I’m transforming to someone even better then I was pre-babies. I am now a wiser, kinder and more patient version of my old self *Thanks Children*
While I am overwhelmed by it all. I am also excited. I am overjoyed to be creating again in my home & my business ❤

I’m letting my light SHINE. Sometimes when all you see around you is ruin, one light makes all the difference. I challenge all of you to be that light in what seems like a epic mess. Shine your light bright and transform something whether its yourself, your home, your realtionships or your passions. Shine your light bright.