This is 6 months

DSC_1075Yesterday I got out my dreams notebook. Don’t laugh guys!! When I first decided I was going to give this business thing a go, I was gifted this pretty silver notebook. In that notebook I wrote my business plan and all my goals and dreams for this little dream I had for myself. As I was reading through it, it got me thinking about my business, where it’s going, the progress it’s made and how it’s evolved so much over the last 6 months since launching. If you told me 6 months ago I would be booked up months in advance, be collaborating on projects with fellow photographers, growing into new and different avenues of photography as well as launching a business management system because I had too much business for little old me to manage by myself, I would have laughed inyour face and called you a liar. Never in my wildest dreams did I think all of this would happen. To be clear it didn’t just happen; I have worked my tail off to make it happen but I have also been so blessed by love and support from all of you.

DSC_1056_4Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in growing, pushing and launching yourself farther that you forget about looking back. Why look back? Looking back is just as important as looking forward. We need to look back to remember where we came from and how far we have come. When I started this business my goal for the first year was to do five sessions a month. I wrote that down in my business plan that I still have in my little notebook. Five sessions a month. That was success to me. Now there are days where I do that in one day, and at the end of those days I beat myself up over not doing six. While looking ahead and planning for my future is so important and crucial to my business and life, I always need to remember to look back at that girl who wrote down in her notebook five sessions a month as her ultimate goal. What would she think about where I am today? She wouldn’t beat me over the head for not doing more or pushing myself further and harder. She would be jumping up and down with joy, utter excitement and disbelieif!!!DSC_1117_2

Taking some time and looking back at that book of my dreams and aspirations for this little business made me realize how hard I am on myself. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way either. Maybe we aren’t all business owners but even as moms this can happen. We push and push our kids and ourselves to be the best they/ we can be. When we reach that goal or that milestone do we rejoice and jump up and down with excitement, or do we keep on pushing and propeling forward to the next thing?

DSC_1140In this day and age we don’t make time for joy and celebration, it’s just more pushing to do more and better. I think all of us can benefit from slowing down and looking back at who we are and how far we have come. Whether that is though our business goals and endeavors, personal goals, or the mom who made it through potty training or colic; take. time to stop and celebrate and take time for joy. We need to pat ourselves on the back and say job well done! We did it, we made it!DSC_1055

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